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Actor, Director, Teacher, The Artist is Present!

The Ginger Man
Trying On Glasses
Saint Patricks Festiavl
Alight Cabaret - Photographer Marc O'Sullivan
Love Labours Lost  - Photographer Kieth Dixon
The Crow- Photographer Christian Kotey
Scenes from the Big Picture - Photographer Kieth Dixon
Meeting on the Turret Stairs
7 Stories
The Plough & The Stars
Saint Patricks Festival Launch
Meet me in The Garden - Photographer Lorna Fitzsimons
Meet me in The Garden - Photographer Lorna Fitzsimons
Photographer Marc O'Sullivan
Love,Labours, Lost - Photographer Kieth Dixon
Baptisim of Fire
Saint Patrick Festival Launch
Absolute Compromise
Scenes from the Big Picture - Photographer Kieth Dixon
Absolute Compromise
Absolute Compromise
Absolute Compromise
Meeting on the Turret Stairs
Love,Labours, Lost - Photographer Kieth Dixon
Saint Patricks Festival
The Ginger Man
Game of Thrones
The Ginger Man
Meet me in the Gardens
Rory Dignam Head shot

Hold Tight to Dreams for If Dreams Go Life is a Barren Field Frozen with Snow...

The Artist is Present......

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Thanks for stopping by, I am a Dublin-based Actor who has graduated from The Lir Academy in Association with RADA and Trinity College. This is my little bit of the internet. I will be updating this page regularly with information on what I am performing as well as updating this site with clips, posts etc. I was  one of the first 15 to have graduated with a BA
Honours degree in acting at The Lir Academy.
During my time there I got to work with some of the most acclaimed working directors and theatre makers
in Ireland and abroad and was exposed to a wide range of different styles and approaches to acting.
My most recent work was playing multiple parts in production by Shiva Theatre Productions in The
National Botanic Gardens for their Summer Season 2018 which received acclaimed reviews from the Irish
Times and marked as the theatre highlight of the summer.
Other notable mentions are his role as Deco in the production “Running with Dinosaurs” Which received
positive reviews and his role as King in “Nine” as part of The Fringe Festival 2017 which won the Fringe
Wild Card Production and was nominated for best performer. He also played a small supporting part in
Season 7 of Game of Thrones


Physical Details:
  • Eyes: Blue

  • Hair: Salt / Pepper

  • Height: 6ft 1in

  • Agent: Ann Curtis">

  • Nationality: Irish

  • Natural Accent: North Dublin

  • Training: Three years Bachelor in Acting (Hons), The Lir Academy

Acting Reel

Head Shots

Rory Dignam  Actor Headshot B & W 2018 8x10
14691151_1065664646886688_4423794721581646383_o - Copy
14753751_1065664763553343_2441927435471270736_o - Copy


  • Horse riding (Experienced).

  • Singing: Bass-baritone

  • Stage combat: Rapier & dagger and unarmed (BASSC) (Distinction)

  • Dance: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, Contemporary, swing, African

  • Accents: Dublin (South and North), London Belfast, Donegal, Sligo, Cork, Regional Irish, English RP, Liverpool, Lancashire, General American, New York, Southern American.

  • Directing

  • Creative writing, swimming, 

  • Yoga Practioner

  • Skilled in Magic, Puppeteering, Clowning

  • Acrobatics & Gymnastics,

LIR 1_edited

Film & Tv:

Kaleidoscope was a devised piece me and my classmates wrote during our time at the Lir Academy. The story follows the lives of several young people during one strange peculiar day in the fair old city of Dublin.

Directed & Filmed by the talented Rob Burke (Runners (2009) and Jellybaby (2005). Rob is known for the feature film Standby (2014) and for television such as Red Rock (2015)

Kaleidoscope directed by Rob Burke

Production / Character / Company / Director

  • Game of Thrones / Undisclosed / H.B.O Jeremy Podeswa

  • Absolute Compromise / Simon / Rising Film Productions Christian Kotey

  • Kaleidoscope / Kevin / The Lir Academy / Rob Burke


  • Danone Actimel "Live strong"

  • Roads 'Do You Want To Take The Love Potion?' 

  • McDonald’s ‘Free BreakFast Friday’ - The McMuffin Man

  • Erin Food Dine In
  • Destructors Manifesto Halloween Arts Festival

Theatre Productions:

Production / Character / Company / Director

The Night Season Lir Production - Photographer Kieth Dixon
12th Night -Photographer Kieth Dixon
Scene from the Big Picture Photographer Kieth Dixon
Through the Dark Cloud Shinging
7 stories
Saint Patricks Day Festival
Scenes from the Big Picture- Photographer Kieth Dixon
  • Meet me in The Gardens / Multiple / Shiva Productions / Aoibhinn Marie Gilroy

  • Meeting on the Turret Stairs / Hildebrand / Cois Ceim / Muirne Bloomer

  • NINE / King /Dublin Fringe Festival / Hilary Woods

  • Inlands / Mephistopheles / Loose Cannon / Jason Byrne

  • Running with Dinosaurs / Deco / Glad Eye Production / Lee Wilson

  • Yellow / Sean Pool / Anu / Louise Lowe

  • Pains of Youth / Alt /The Lir Academy / Wayne Jordan

  • Into the Woods / Milky White/Steward / The Lir Academy / Tom Creed

  • The RADA/ Lir Showcase / Joe Brady/Gobbel / The Lir Academy / Hillary Wood

  • The Night Season / Gary Malone / The Lir Academy / Rachel west

  • Twelfth Night / Antonio/Sea cap. / The Lir Academy / Hillary Wood

  • Mary Stuart / Melvil / The Lir Academy / Conall Morrisson

  • Scenes from the Big Picture / Frank Coin / The Lir Academy / Nona Shepphard

  • Sin-Eaters / The Archivist / The Lir Academy /Louise Lowe

  • The Rover / Belville The Lir Academy / Caitriona Mcglouglin

  • Antigone / Chorus / The Lir Academy Annabelle Comyn

  • Love Labours Lost / Don Armado/ Long /The Lir Academy / Hilary Wood

Dance Productions:

Alight Cabaret 8.JPG
Saint Patricks Festival Launch
Alight Cabaret- Photographer Marc O Sullivan
Meeting on The Turret Stairs- National Gallery of Ireland
The Boots on the Other Foot
Alight Cabaret Photographer Marc O'Sullivan
Meeting on the Turret Stairs Directed by Muirne Bloomer
Meeting on the Turret Stairs - National Gallery of Ireland
Saint Patricks Day Festival
Sin Eaters - Directed by Louise Lowe

Production / Company / Director

  • Duisgh Eire Awaken Ireland/ Saint Patricks Festival / Muirne Bloomer

  • The Tides That Bind Us / Cois Ceim / Catherine Young

  • ALIGHT! Mystery Cabaret / Cois Ceim / Muirne Bloomer

  • Loachra! / Cois Ceim / David Bolger

  • Meeting on the Turret Stairs / National Gallery / Muirne Bloomer

  • The Boots on the other foot/ Polish Theatre / Derek Kabinski


Production / Company / Details:

  • Sisters / Emerald Isle Theatre Company / For an 8-month Tour of France & Belgium

  • For Sale / Emerald Isle Theatre Company / For an 8-month Tour of France & Belgium

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