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Rory Dignam Professional Actor/Teacher/Director

Eyes: Blue                                  Hair: Salt/Pepper 


Built: Medium Built                      Height 6ft I Inch



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The Ann Curtis Agency
101 Collins Avenue West | Whitehall | Dublin 9
P: +3531 8327708 | E: |

Special Skills:

Experienced Horse Rider (Canter, Jump & Trot)

Stage combat: Rapier & Dagger / Unarmed (BASSC) (Distinction)

A Bit About Me

Rory is a classically trained Dublin based actor. He is one of the first 15 to have graduated with a BA
Honours degree in acting at The Lir Academy.
During his time there he got to work with some of the most acclaimed working directors and theatre makers
in Ireland and abroad and was exposed to a wide range of different styles and approaches to acting.
His most recent work was playing multiple parts in a production by Shiva Theatre Productions in The
National Botanic Gardens for their Summer Season 2018 which received acclaimed reviews from the Irish
Times and marked as the theatre highlight of the summer.
Other notable mentions are his role as Deco in the production “Running with Dinosaurs” Which received
positive reviews and his role as King in “Nine” as part of The Fringe Festival 2017 which one the Fringe
Wild Card Production and was nominated for best performer. He also played a small supporting part in
Season 7 of Game of Thrones

Work Experience

Previous Acting Experience   


Theatre Experience:


Production                                 Character                     Company                      Director

Meet me in The Gardens           Multiple                        Shiva Productions         Aoibhinn Marie Gilroy

Meeting on the Turret Stairs      Hildebrand                    Cois Ceim                     Muirne Bloomer

NINE                                          King                              Dublin Fringe                Hilary Woods

Inland                                        Mephistopheles            Loose Cannon               Jason Byrne

Running with Dinosaurs             Deco                            Glad Eye Production     Lee Wilson

Yellow                                         Sean Pool                     Anu                               Louise Lowe

Pains of Youth                            Alt                                 The Lir Academy           Wayne Jordan

Into the Woods                           Milky White/Steward    The Lir Academy           Tom Creed

TheRADA/ Lir Showcase           Joe Brady/Gobbel        The Lir Academy           Hillary Wood

The Night Season                      Gary Malone                The Lir Academy           Rachel west

Twelfth Night                              Antonio/Sea cap.         The Lir Academy           Hillary Wood

Mary Stuart                                Melvil                           The Lir Academy           Conall Morrisson

Scenes from the Big Picture      Frank Coin                   The Lir Academy           Nona Shepphard

Sin Eaters                                  The Archivist                The Lir Academy           Louise Lowe

The Rover                                  Belville                         The Lir Academy           Caitriona Mcglouglin

Antigone                                    Chorus                         The Lir Academy           Annabelle Comyn 

Loves, Labours, Lost                Don Armado/ Long.     The Lir Academy            Hilary Wood




The Tides That Bind us           Self                                  Cois Ceim                      Catherine Young

ALIGHT! Mystery Cabaret      Sailor                               Cois Ceim                      Muirne Bloomer

Loachra!                                 Irish Wolf Hound              Cois Ceim                      David Bolger


Film & TV:


Game of Thrones                      Undisclosed                H.B.O                                   Jeremy Podeswa

Absolute Compromise              Simon                          Rising Film Productions       Christian Kotey

Kaleidoscope                            Kevin                          The Lir Academy                  Rob Burke




Production                                Company                                              Details:

Sisters                                      Emerald Isle Theatre Company            I Directed both shows

For Sale                                    Emerald Isle Theatre Company            For an 8 month Tour

                                                                                                               France & Belgium

The Ann Curtis Agency101 Collins Avenue West | Whitehall | Dublin 9P: +3531 8327708 | E: |
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